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Kindergarten 2024

Welcome to Bardia Kindergarten 2024

Welcome to our vibrant school community! We are thrilled to embark on a remarkable journey with you and your little ones as they take their first steps into the world of education.

At Bardia Public School, we believe in nurturing curious minds and fostering a love for learning. Our dedicated team of educators are committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and stimulating environment where each child can thrive. From captivating lessons to exciting activities, we are dedicated to shaping a foundation that not only cultivates academic excellence but also encourages creativity and character development.

As your children join the Class of 2024, we invite you to be active participants in this exciting chapter of their lives. Our doors are always open, and we encourage open communication between parents, teachers, and students. Together, we can create a supportive community that empowers our little ones to grow into confident, compassionate individuals.

Get ready for a year filled with laughter, exploration, and endless possibilities. We are delighted to have your family as part of our Bardia Public School community and look forward to building lasting memories together.

Day 1: What it Looks Like

Embarking on a magical journey at Bardia Public School, our 'Day in Kindergarten' video and Kindergarten Social Story is here to guide your little ones through the enchanting tale of their first day! Let's explore the joy, friends, and exciting adventures awaiting them in a warm and welcoming world of learning at Bardia. 🌈📚 #FirstDayMagic #BardiaAdventures

Day One Information

What your little one will need for their exciting first days:

  • School bag
  • Lunch box: packed with a delicious lunch, recess treats, and a refreshing drink
  • Crunch & Sip (see below)
  • Cool school hat
  • Library bag
  • A4 plastic home reader folder
  • Complete school uniform
  • Spare clothes, just in case, including undies and socks!

Stationery:  For your convenience, we've got a stationery and exercise pack available at a special school rate. No need to bring them from home—easy peasy!

Labels:  Please be a champ and label everything with large, easy-to-read prints so our little Kindergarteners can proudly identify their belongings.

Crunch & Sip: A fun snack break! Students bring a small container of fresh fruit or veggies and a water-filled bottle. Let's keep it healthy—no juice or processed snacks, please!  More information can be found here:  Crunch&Sip® - Healthy lifestyle programs for primary schools (

Buddies: Every Kindergartener gets a fantastic Stage 3 Buddy to guide them through the adventure of 'Big School.' Buddies share lunches, do crafts, and offer a helping hand when needed.

School Bytes: Stay in the loop with our school communication app! All messages, updates, and sweet notes from the Principal and teachers will be sent through it. Don't forget to download—it's a game-changer!  You can create your account here:

How-to guides  for SchoolBytes can be found here:

More Info:  Look out for details on our 'Meet the Teacher' morning early next year. It's a great chance to get the lowdown on the exciting year ahead.

Questions?  Our caring teachers are here to help ensure a seamless transition into Kindergarten. Let's make these first days a bundle of joy!

Helpful Tips


  • Late Arrival: If your little one is running late, swing by the front office to convert their absence from a full day to a partial one. They'll snag a late slip for their teacher.

  • Early Pickup: For early escapes, sign out at the office and complete the early leavers form. If it's someone other than a parent or emergency contact, drop the office a heads-up email and bring along their ID.

  • Absences: For short breaks under 3 days, shoot us an absentee report on School Bytes. Beyond that, an absentee report plus a medical certificate for 3 days and over, please.

  • Extended Leave: Planning a longer absence? Fill out the Application for Extended Leave on School Bytes or grab a paper form from the front office. Approved? You'll receive a Certificate for Extended Leave.

Sick Days

  • Illness Policy: If your child feels under the weather, keep them home. If they fall ill at school, we'll give them rest and ring you if needed. 

  • Late Pickup: Life happens! If you're running late, contact us before 3:00 p.m. for safety. No teachers are on duty post 3:30 p.m., but our before-and-after school care (Jigsaw) has your back.


  • Drop-off Procedure: Hand in medications at the front office, original packaging and label intact. Complete the Indemnity Form, granting us permission. Never send medication with your child. If possible, administer outside school hours.

  • Ongoing Medication: If your child has ongoing health needs (like asthma or allergies), give us a heads-up. We're here to support and manage their conditions.

Sporting Houses

  • Team Spirit: Your child will be sorted into one of our four sporting houses—Curtin, Hughes, Barton, or Hawke. They can proudly don their sporty colors on special events.

Costs and Payments

  • School Fees: Brace yourselves for the main costs: a $58.00 textbook and stationery pack, $50 school voluntary payment and $30.00 estimate for class excursions. Payment options include Eftpos at the school office or an online payment through School Bytes.


  • Stay Informed: Our newsletter drops every 3 weeks, hitting your inbox and the School Bytes platform. It's your go-to for upcoming events, so check it out before reaching out to the office.

Personal Details

  • Keep Us Posted: If your personal details change, give us a heads-up via School Bytes. We need to stay in touch, so update us on phone numbers, addresses, and emergency contacts.


  • Community Connection: Dive into the school community by volunteering or joining our P&C. Whether it's in classrooms, the library, or fundraising, your involvement makes a world of difference. Your child will beam with pride seeing you lend a hand! 🌟

Sun Smart

  • In the sunny world of Kindergarten, we're all about sun safety and smiles! Following the NSW SunSmart program (check it out at, we've got some sunny tips for our little rays of sunshine. Remember to slip on a cool hat, slop on some sunscreen before outdoor adventures, and slap on those stylish sunnies. Seeking shade during playtime is a smart move, and sipping water keeps us hydrated. Let's embrace the SunSmart spirit, ensuring our tiny tots stay safe, happy, and sun-kissed with a sprinkle of sunscreen magic! 🌞 #SunSmartAdventures #KindergartenSunSafety.  More informmation can be found here:   


We are overjoyed to welcome your little ones to a world of discovery, laughter, and endless possibilities! Our dedicated team eagerly awaits the arrival of these bright stars, ready to embark on an exciting journey of learning and growth. From the warmth of our classrooms to the camaraderie on the playground, every moment at Bardia is filled with the promise of creating cherished memories. If you have any lingering questions or just want to share the excitement, feel free to reach out. Here's to the beginning of a wonderful adventure at Bardia Public School! 🌟📚 #BardiaBeginnings