Bardia Public School


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About our school

School Vision Statement

The central purpose in everything we do at Bardia Public School is to help every student to become a responsible and successful global citizen. That is, someone who is a curious and passionate life-long learner; someone who shows resilience when faced with hardship; someone who measures success in their every undertaking with effort; someone who shows respect, compassion and empathy toward others; someone who takes personal responsibility for the environment and the betterment of society; and someone who champions cooperation over conflict, assertiveness over aggression and democracy over tyranny.

School Description

Bardia Public School was built to provide for the education of children whose parents were based at the now defunct Ingleburn Military Camp – Bardia Barracks. Once the army base closed in 2000, the area around the school became semi-rural and student numbers dwindled. The closure of school was seriously considered. Current exponential urban growth will see the area around Bardia Public School grow to include some 8500 dwellings, a shopping centre and a train station. The future of the school is assured.