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Welcome to the Bardia Public School Canteen

Our canteen is now supplied by Brooke's Canteen.
Brooke's Canteen is a member of the healthy kids association and follow their guidelines and new canteen strategy. Brooke's Canteen will be selling a lot of healthy over the counter mini extras everyday to change and add variety to keep students interested in trying new nutritional foods. All ingredients have been approved by the healthy kids association. If you would like to find out more or see daily photos of some of the dishes available please visit Brooke's Canteen Facebook page.
On the left are links with the current canteen menu. It will be updated regularly, so please check every now and again to see if you have the latest menu. Please also make sure that all lunch orders are placed at the canteen by 9am . To make mornings easier there is an EFTPOS machine with no minimum spending limit so adults can make transactions.

Check out our new canteen menu for Summer 2018.

Brooke's canteen summer menu (PDF 671KB)

Or take a look at the range of take home meal options from Brooke's Canteen for family dinners!

Brooke's order from home menu (PDF 358KB)

We are a Proud Crunch and sip school!

What is Crunch and Sip?

Crunch & Sip® is a set break to eat fruit (or salad vegetables) and drink water in the classroom. Students 're-fuel' with fruit or vegetables during the morning or afternoon - assisting physical and mental performance and concentration in the classroom.

Each day students bring fruit (or salad vegetables) to school to eat in the classroom at a set time. Each child has a small clear bottle of water in the classroom to drink throughout the day to prevent dehydration.