Bardia Public School


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Student leadership

We actively encourage our students to exhibit leadership qualities in various settings, whether it's within the classroom, on the playground, or through their involvement in academic, sporting, cultural, or community activities.

At Bardia Public School, we provide numerous avenues for students to develop their leadership skills. These opportunities include:

  • Class Captains: Each term, every class elects two class captains. These students are entrusted with special responsibilities throughout the term, such as representing their classmates at student representative council meetings.
  • Student Representative Council (SRC): Our school boasts an engaged and dynamic SRC, which meets twice per term. During these gatherings, students bring forth suggestions and ideas garnered from class discussions. Topics of discussion range from fundraising initiatives to playground enhancements and school-wide events.
  • Playground Pals: Our Playground Pals are a team of dedicated student volunteers who provide support and assistance to their peers during playtimes. These compassionate individuals actively engage with students, ensuring everyone feels included and safe while enjoying their playtimes. Through their presence and guidance, playground pals promote social skills development and cultivate a sense of camaraderie among students.