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Class parent program


To make our growing school continue to feel like a small school through the building a strong class community feel.


We want parents to feel:

  • Included
  • Supported
  • Informed
  • Happy to be part of the school
  • Valued

At Bardia Public School we have a class parent program where 1 parent volunteers to be class parent for each class. Class Parents will then have opportunities to support their class families by:

  • Being well informed about school school events
  • Organise social events outside of school for the class
  • And in asking for volunteers from their class to support fundraising events at our school.
  • All are crucial to your child's success at school.


Our first and greatest challenge is to make sure everyone is informed. This year Bardia Public School will be expanding the use of See-Saw, a communication app. We are now working towards updating and we also have a Facebook page. Parents will also receive newsletters and emails. Parents are also encouraged to attend the Friends of Bardia meetings – usually at the end of each term.

But this is not enough!

Each team of class parents are encouraged to share communication about assembly items, excursions, materials required in class and volunteers needed for classroom activities or excursions.

Class or social events:

Parents very often form strong and long-lasting friendships with the parents of their child's classmates. Many choose to organise at least one class function outside of school per term, such as a morning tea, after school play in the park, or a family picnic. At the very least, many parents take their children along to their classmate's birthday parties. These parties provide a great opportunity for parents to chat.

Each team of class parents is encouraged to organise events outside of school that promote a friendly and supportive network of parents.


Bardia Public School runs on a very limited budget. In the past, through parents volunteering to undertake fundraising, we have been able to purchase additional laptops and desktop computers, as well as air conditioners and specialist learning resources.

Each team of class parents is encouraged to undertake a fundraising activity throughout the year. We understand that parents are very busy and appreciate that parents may only want to volunteer a few hours of their time.

Mrs Wyber, our librarian, has been appointed as the class parents coordinator. 

Please refer your questions to Mrs Wyber and keep your eye open for information being sent home via our numerous means of communication.